Marijuana license: your questions answered!

We ran a quick query this morning through Google Search to see how many people were asking questions around marijuana licenses ... and what those questions were…. 

It turns out, a lot of you are asking questions, and they are really good! 

So we decided to post the top 25 or so, and answer as many as possible.

Ready? Here goes...

  1. Can you sell a marijuana license?

This is such a great question, because it tells us you are thinking ahead. Good job! 

The answer depends on your city’s rules, and your state’s rules. 

Call your city, and then call your state. Ask them. 
(There’s more below on how to do this.) 

The answer they give you is really good to know before you start the licensing process, because it’s an extremely good option to be able to sell your cannabis license if you have to. 

We like how you all are thinking! 

Moving on….

2. How many marijuana licenses in California? (Or Colorado? Or Ontario, Nevada, Oklahoma, Michigan, Washington, Illinois, Missouri, and Massachusetts?)

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone made a map, and indicated all of your state’s cities and counties with how many were available, and how many had been taken? 

(Hmmm… maybe this is a money-making idea… feel free to take it if you want. The more people that earn a living off cannabis, the better!)

The short answer is that there are still licenses available in California (or another state). 

The real question is, are they attainable, meaning if you try to get one, will you be successful? 

For example, in San Diego, which is now a somewhat mature market, there are still dispensary licenses available, but there are almost no locations that will qualify for the city’s rules. SO, while there are licenses, you likely will not find a location that meets the city’s codes. 

We know. 

It’s super frustrating. But your next question should be, if I contact my city and they tell me there are still licenses available, can they also provide me a list of how many are taken, and how many are left? A city tracks the licenses. They should be able to give you this information. 

And then flat out ask them: do you think I will be able to get one? Pay attention to how they answer you.

3. How much is a marijuana license in Michigan? (Or in your neck of the woods?)

It’s funny, but someone was just asking us about this yesterday, and you’re not going to like the answer. It’s because the answer is not anything anyone can really tell you concretely. 

We know. ….It’s annoying, right? 

Everyone wants to know what licenses cost, but keep reading, and we’ll try to explain.

Specifically, in Michigan, you will want to call your local city, and ask them the cost of their fees, then call the state agency (or check online) and ask what their fees are.

But keep reading because more tips are coming….

4. How much does marijuana license cost?

Here we go. A nice direct query straight out of Google.

This depends on many factors: the city and state you are in, the cost of a real estate, the cost of attorneys, the cost of your build-out … you get the idea. 

Obviously it can add up. 

Luckily, in our course, we give out an excel spreadsheet of all the cost buckets, and after some preliminary research, you can plug in yours from your local area, and see what they add up to. 

When you know this figure,it’s like having the answer to a really big secret!

And once you know your costs, you can fund-raise. 

To help our students, we give out some worksheets, tools, and tips on how to fund-raise, and also a list of investors and platforms. 

Yes, you read that right!

5. How many marijuana licenses in Colorado? 

See question #2.

At least in Colorado it’s a very mature market, and if you were to call a local land-use consulting company who had worked on previous permits, they could likely tell you very quickly how many they thought were still left.
Don’t know any land use consultants? Google the existing licenses, and see who did the work. 

Yes, they are usually posted online. 

6. How many marijuana licenses in Ontario?

Same answer as #2. Follow those directions, and see what you can dig up. 

7. Where to get marijuana license near me? 

We love this question! It shows how people think locally, and are really trying to get more precise answers when they research information around cannabis licenses. We commend all of you who are using this terminology. 

The thing is though, when we throw this question into Google Search, we get really bad results.

Google thinks we are asking how to get a medical or patient card to use cannabis, and that’s not the case, amirite

So, to answer this question again, you will want to google the name of your city + “marijuana license”. 
This keeps it local (near me) and you get a better answer.

To be perfectly clear, here is an example: “San Diego marijuana license”. 

Google yours right now! What comes up? Anything good? 

Tell us in the comments. We want to know!

8. How to get marijuana license in Maryland?

We just spoke to a potential student in Maryland. She is in the military and she wants to get into the cannabis business when she gets out, so she is doing her research. 

She said she wished there was a road-map that explained exactly how to get a license. 

We smiled, and told her that’s exactly what our online course is. 

We can tell you how we did it, and therefore how you can do it too… we lay out exactly all the considerations for your journey …. but only you can actually do it.

Alternately, she could pay a consultant hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we know a really, really good one….

But she could also just take our class, and see if this industry is right for her.

9. How much is marijuana license in Colorado?

See #3. 

BTW, Colorado, can we just tell you how much we love you? You were the first ones to go recreational. What a giant step for mankind. The rest of us States will be forever grateful to you!

10. How many marijuana licenses in Nevada?See answer #2 again. 

We know someone that got a license right on the Vegas Strip. How cool is that?

11. Can you sell your marijuana license?

See answer #1, and again, a great question! 

This is something every savvy investor will ask you, so you need to find out! 

Call your city right now and ask them. Then call your state. Usually states defer to cities, but call and clarify by asking them what they do.

12. How to get marijuana license in Oregon?

Ok, fine ... we did the homework for you. Here’s the link:

It’s so boring reading these government websites, right? It’s like our eyes glaze over when we see that tiny print, and boring language about codes and rules. 

It’s like they aren’t really good communicators, are they? They only want the strongest swimmers to figure it out… How’s your swimming? Can you jump in the deep end and tread water for a few months while you figure it out? 

We did! And we can’t wait for you to join us….  

13. How many marijuana licenses in Oklahoma?

See #2 again. Oklahoma, y’all are going places now! ;-P

14. How much marijuana license?

We love the questions where the preposition is left out! 

We get it -- it’s a desire to be efficient, right? And besides, who’s got time to ask all the words? These answers are needed immediately ... NOW! See above.

15. How many marijuana licenses in Michigan?

See #2 (again). 

Michigan is hot, hot, hot for licenses atm.

16. How many marijuana licenses in Washington?

It’s unclear if folks are asking for Washington State, a fairly mature market, or Washington DC on this one. But, in general see answer #2, and if in Washington State, see also #5.

17. Where to get marijuana license?

From your city, and then your state. See answer #7.

18. How many marijuana licenses in Illinois?

See #2.  (Also, Michael Jordan is a god!)

19. How much is marijuana license in Zambia?

What? Zambia’s giving out licenses??? 

How great is that? 

It means this is a forward-looking country, and we commend you Zambia!

19. How to obtain marijuana license?

Ahh, finally … music to our ears! 

Come take a class, and we’ll give you the whole run down. 

The number one question we get is the, “how to” one. 

And obviously, the answer is a long one, but if you’ve got a few hours to spare, we can tell you in our online class. 

And then we want you to go get one too!

20. How much is marijuana license in Illinois?


21.How many marijuana licenses in Missouri?


22. How much does a marijuana license cost in California?


24. How to get marijuana license in Michigan?


25. How many marijuana licenses in Massachusetts?

Wicked hahd answer, but see #2.

26. What's a marijuana license?

LOL! Ok, Boomer.

But ok, just in case anyone needs to know: it’s the legal piece of paper, given to you by your city, and then your state, that authorizes you to do own/run/have a business in cannabis. 

It’s like when you get an alcohol license. This is the same thing -- a highly regulated industry, and it requires a special “marijuana license”. 

OK, moving on….

27. Where to apply for marijuana license?

Yes, this is still a great question. Go see answer #7.

28. How does a city or state decide who gets a license?

It depends!  There are various approaches that a licensing body can take including “merit” based, lottery, first come first served, and a variety of combinations in between!  There also may be certain requirements such as having a “social equity” owner or having a local resident on the application.  It’s complicated!  Luckily, we cover this in detail in our course, and it should be relatively easy for you to find out the criteria for wherever you hope to work.

29. How much to get marijuana license?

See answer #3

Ok, and that’s that!


So 29 questions from Google queries, all entered into their search engine by people just like you. 

And for those of you paying attention, all the questions fell into about 3 buckets:
- How much does it cost?

- Where do I get one?

- And how many are left? 

These are the fundamentals, right?  

Y’all are asking the right questions. 

But now, please accept our apologies. 

We know that some of our answers are non-answers, and that it’s due to the variability of the variables (do you like that?) and for that we are truly sorry.

We really wish we give you concrete answers like, “there are two licenses available in your city/state.”

But we can’t. 


Things change daily and weekly, and what’s true today in the cannabis business world may not be true tomorrow. 

People get licenses every day, so there are less available all the time. This is part of what makes it so exciting. 
And each state, and each city, have their own rules, and their own requirements. 

Hopefully though, we’ve given you some ideas on how to get the answers you’re looking for, and hopefully you find this information helpful.

Do you find our cannabis industry information and permitting tips helpful?  Then sign up for our full course, packed with information about the industry, how we got our permits, and learn what you need to do to get a permit of your own!  


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