Permit Pros Master Class: Learn How To Get A Cannabis Permit

You haven’t learned this much about weed since college.

Cannabis businesses aren’t like other start-ups. The highly regulated nature of the industry impacts every step in the process and poses unique, unforeseen challenges. That’s where Permit Pros can help. Drawing on the invaluable experience that comes from securing marijuana licenses for ourselves and multi-million dollar clients, our online course shows you all the steps and gives you an action plan for putting everything in place in the right order. 

Our Course: Learn How To Get A Cannabis Permit

Here are all the insights and essential business tools you’ll gain from taking this online class:

  • How much money you’ll need
  • How to complete your cannabis industry business plan
  • How to attract investors, secure real estate, and market your business
  • Proprietary downloadable tools to research, organize, and launch your business, including:
    - Business plan template
    - Proforma spreadsheet
    - Cost data from an actual project to help determine your investment
    - Project Plan to help you meet your goals and deadlines
    - Issue List to document and track your decisions
    - Cost Tracker to organize expenses for tax purposes

We can also help you leverage all the tools available to the public to gain an advantage over your competition. From canna/THC regulations to city and county ordinances to accessing mapping tools, city staff, and a wealth of other information. And with our easy learning modules, you can complete the course at your own pace and on your schedule. 

Your first step to cannabis success.
Starting a cannabis business can be life-changing. Securing the permit alone and selling it in the future can be extremely lucrative. So let’s get you on your way.